Q: Why Imapenguin?
A: I've had this domain since the late 90s. I started seriously using Linux in 96 or 97 (exact date is a little fuzzy). At the time domains were not trivial or cheap to get and I wanted something fun and Linux related. It stuck and I've had it ever since.

Q: Will you fix my code?
A: Probably not. If you're stuck and you've done your homework, and I have time(which is unlikely) you may catch me at a time to offer some direction.

Q: Are you willing to do a collaboration?
A: Seems likely. Try mike@imapenguin.com

Q: I have this thing I no longer need and don't know what to do with it. Do you want it?
A: Probably if it has to do with retro, Linux, Security, etc. But I probably don't want it if it's less than 20 years old if it doesn't have some historical significance. Sorry. But give me a try on the Twitters (@mrdoornbos) or email (mike@imapenguin.com)

Q: Why don't you have a YouTube channel
A: Over the years I've done A LOT of "content creation" and the more time passes the more I realize that I want it to be on a simple platform that I own. Simple document formats have longevity.  I also like reading longer form posts which seem to be incredibly rare these days.

This comes at a price... very few people will actually read 2500 words on a subject.

Creating content for YouTube is really adding to their platform as much as mine. If I had started a few years ago maybe this would make sense, but I don't love having content on a platform someone else is in control of and can modify or take down. God forbid someone has a song accidentally playing in the background, the algorithm will take that down quicker than someone can type "first post" in the comments.

It's a shame because there are many many channels I love to watch.

I'm not saying I couldn't be talked into it...

Q: Why do you call yourself Mr. Doornbos on all the things?
A: This was an oversight on my part back in the early internet days. My middle name is Robert and it didn't occur to me (seriously!) that mrdoornbos looks like Mr. Doornbos until my wife pointed it out several years too late to change all the things. Since then I've just stuck with it.

Q: How do you pronounce Doornbos
A: You know the actor from Star Trek Michael Dorn? His name Dorn plus boss. Dorn-boss. Its dutch and means thorn bush (dutch names are weird).